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A tower block RPG for 3-6 players, requires 2d6, a wooden tower block and pen/paper. Inspired principally by The Raid (2011) and Destiny & Destiny 2.

The Ever-Collapsing Tower of Saeculum is under siege. The tower is made of an infinitely expanding, shifting and shrinking number of floors. On the fabled top floor there is Saeculum; the face of time, at their exact vanishing point; when Saeculum was born from the husk of their future self; who had been killed by another future self. They say if someone could scale the Ever-Collapsing Tower and disrupt the vanishing point they will gain the secret to chronological decryption; they shall become the Monarch of Time. Someone is attempting to do so now.

The Ever-Collapsing Tower of Saeculum is an epoch mind; it desires to protect itself and the secrets that lie at the top floor. It has called upon you – a flock of little birds – to ascend the tower, defeat those who stand in your way and protect vanishing point. Failure will reverberate through your chronology. Success will never be acknowledged. Thank you.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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